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Since its establishment, the mortgage industry has been dominated by a complicated documentation system. And little has changed since. Lack of transparency, high operation cost, long processing time are the main challenges in the mortgage lending process.
An automated mortgage origination system.
Zeitro is creating a digital mortgage ecosystem that connects to hundreds of lenders, utilizes modern NLP, and ML technologies, and fully automates the end-to-end mortgage workflow based on implementing the Knowledge Graph database with all the rules, relationships, mortgage products, compliance, and understanding of documents.
Meet the team
Bochen Wang
Daniel Trepanier
Executive Chairman
Igor Plotnikov, PhD.
VP of Engineering
Valentyn Kamyshenko, PhD.
Yingjie Yu
Staff Data Scientist
Anabelle Little
Director of Loan Operations
Santhi Andrews
Quality Assurance Manager
Atul Vijaykar
Andrew Callejo
Marketing Director
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